The end of work training

Alhamdulillah, starting today, my work training was end. After 5 month, I became jobless. My greatest Allah gave me a right path to be useful person. I got call from a company without submiting any CV, I agreed to interview. They started hire me on june 8 2015. But I had to join work training for a month.

2nd weeks of training, I stayed in my hometown, Surabaya. They introduced me with other worker and the product they sell. 

My workmate in Surabaya 


The last 2nd weeks, I had to stay in Jakarta. I learn many kind in here. Except a worker and product, they teach me how to read a system, pricing and scale the goods. With a hit brain, I feel free right now. Since, my training time was end.

Let introduce my workmate in Jakarta



PRJ (Pekan Raya Jakarta)

Whenever you go to Jakart, don’t forget to visit PRJ. It is like a Jakarta Festival. The place was so crowd while I visited last time. Behind the story was  I was trained by my office in Jakarta for 2 weeks. With kind heart, my boss asked went to PRJ with others sales. Since it was rare oppurtunity I join them even though I was the only girl. 

At first, I felt so bored. All men went to stone store aka Akik, was booming these day. Patiently, I followed them. Luckily, at 7 pm was free time. So, I went around and I found interested diskon. Body Shop was diskon 50%. I did want to miss it. I bought it even I still did not got salary. Feel happy, of course~~

Here it was the picture I took  

 *Sorry for blur picture

Ombre hair

Before, I talked about coloring hair which used a chalk. But, these day wtih brave heart, I coloring my hair with the real hair dye. The story behind that I got influance from my idol, “Demi Lovato” who always change her hair style and colour. I felt farious, I searched and learned about dyeing hair. I found “manic panic” the famous hair dye with the high price and good quality.

Without hestation, I bought Bleaching and manic panic. And tried it. At first, the bleching was not really useful. Since my hair is originally black, I need a much time for belaching it. I has to blech it third time to get what I want. 

From Black –> yellow

Than begin my experiment with my hair in different colour. 

My favorite one is ombre, green, blue and purple. o(`ω´ )o♪( ´θ`)ノ

Experiance on coloring my hair with Hair Chalk

Today, Hair Chalk become famous in my Country. I interest with it. So, I bought Hair Chalk from Reeves and try it.

Attention before used it!

    Wear your old shirt. Yups, pake kaos usang aja saat memakai hair chalk di rambut, pasti nempel-nempel di rambut.
    Comb your hair first. Sisir rambut kamu terlebih dahulu deh biar rapi.
    Used it on bathroom. Kalau bisa pakai di kamar mandi, pasalnya tetesan air dari rambut akan bercecearn kemana-mana. Kalau bisa jangan jalan-jalan.
    Don’t comb your hair too much after use it. Kalau kelar jangan sering-sering disisir, ntar warna kapurnya memudar.

Let’s Start Chalking Your Hair

    Wetting your Hair. Basahi rambut kamu yang ingin di warna.
    Take out the chalk. Keluarkan kapur yang ingin digunakan.
    Use it in your hair up-down. Aplikasikan kerambutmu atas bawah berulang-ulang sampai warna terlihat.
    Drying your hair. Keringkan rambut kamu, kalau bisa kering alami di angin-angin, jangan gunakan handuk, nanti warna menghilang.
    After dry, slice it one-on-one. Setelah kering, pisahkan rambut yang menempel pelan-pelan dengan tangan. Jangan langsung memakai sisir jadinya sakit semua.
    Comb your hair carefully. Baru di sisir pelan-pelan.
    Viola, your hair ready

Bitch Must DIE

Yup, itu kalimat yang pantas buat Bitch seperti kamu. Sok-sok seperti angel tapi sebenarnya gak lebih dari Bitch. Aku akuin terkadang kamu baik, but your attitude towards olders like devil. Sifat aslimu terlihat begitu saja! Kalau kamu memang muak mending kamu pergi. You have your own money, you have been mature enogh, you know what wrong and right. But please do not make others suffering. Like my lecture said, the much you struggle the much suffering others. Sebisa mungkin jika kamu ingin memperjuangkan sesuatu jangan sampai menyakiti orang lain terutama orang tua. YOU MUST DIE BITCH!!
Litteraly not you but your BITCH attitude MUST DIE!!

Potong poni

Setelah sekian lama dahi terbuka lebar, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk memotong rambut depan hingga menjadi poni, agar dahi tertutup kembali.
Kalau dingan-ingat, terakhir kali saya pakai poni SMA kelas 2. Dah beberapa tahun yah itu. Pas poni muncul kembali reaksi orang terdekat,

“Kayak bocah!”
“Mukamu jadi bulet”
“Inget umur!”

Dari semua respon, saya menjawab, TERSERAH!
Hahahaa…….. Justru saya suka dianggap kecil, biar awet mudah (dalih)

my reaction of GD new song “that’s xx”

If I’m not mistaken, yesterday was a day for GD new song out. Even it’s a little late I had saw it today. And my first comment is DAEBAK and Sadly. Honestly I can’t speak and understand Korea at all, I just some random fan who crazy love K-pop in literal.
Today I want to explain more about my reaction when I first watch MV, my focus only in GD she look so handsome, sometime it make me envy with his thin body . And for the song, for common people the harmony so romantic. When I hear it over and over again there something in his song make my heart aching.
So I searched the lyric and meaning. It was sad song. GD success make me feel sad but enjoy in the same time when hear it.
That’s all what I want to say. GD I LOVE YOUR WORK!! ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ °\(♥▿♥)/°

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